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ASA Special Series

The ASA Special Series are published to promote international arbitration in Switzerland and abroad as well as domestic arbitration. They contain the full edited versions of the papers of the ASA Annual Conferences and ad hoc arbitration brochures published by ASA.

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The ASA Special Series can be ordered from the ASA Secretariat for CHF 20.- each. The Profiles of ASA Members 2012 are available free of charge.

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Since 2011, the ASA Special Series are published in a new, hard-back format by Juris Publishing. They are distributed at no cost to the members of ASA. Additional orders can be placed with


Special Series No. 30 “Performance as a Remedy: Non-Monetary Relief in International Arbitration”, edited by Michael Schneider and Joachim Knoll (2011) Order No. 30 at

Special Series No. 35: The Search for "Truth" in Arbitration: Is Finding the Truth what Dispute Resolution is About?, edited by Markus Wirth, Christina Rouvinez and Joachim Knoll (2011); Order No. 35 at

Special Series No. 36: Advocacy in Commercial Arbitration, edited by Elliott Geisinger and Guillaume Tattevin (2013); Order No. 36 at

Special Series No. 37: The Sense and Non-sense of Guidelines, Rules and Other Para-regulatory Texts in International Arbitration, edited by Daniele Favalli (2015); Order No. 37 at

Special Series No. 38: Post Award Issues, edited by Pierre Tercier (2011); Order No. 38 at

Special Series No. 40: Arbitral Institutions under Scrutiny, edited by Phillip Habegger, Daniel Hochstrasser, Gabrielle Nater-Bass and Urs Weber-Stecher (2013);Order No. 40 at

Special Series No. 41: Sports Arbitration: A Coach for Other Players, edited by Elliott Geisinger and Elena Trabaldo-de Mestral (2015);Order No. 41 at

Special Series No. 42: Inside the Black Box: How Arbitral Tribunals Operate and Reach Their Decisions, edited by Bernhard Berger and Michael E. Schneider (2013); Order No. 42 at

Special Series No. 43: Confidential and Restricted Access Information in International Arbitration, edited by Elliott Geisinger (2016); Order No. 43 at

Special Series No. 44: 10 Years of Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, edited by Nathalie Voser (2014); Order No. 44 at

Special Series No. 45: The Arbitrators' Initiative: When, Why and How Should It Be Used?, edited by Domitille Baizeau and Frank Spoorenberg (2016); Order No. 45 at