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ASA Publications

ASA offers a variety of publications on topics of interest in the field of international arbitration.

ASA Bulletin

The ASA Bulletin is the official quarterly journal of the association and is one of the leading journals of international arbitration. More

ASA Reference Series

The ASA Reference Series are short, one- or two-page factsheets about key aspects of arbitration in Switzerland that contribute to making it an ideal arbitration destination. Available to all free of charge. More

ASA Special Series

The ASA Special Series contain the full edited versions of the papers of the ASA Annual Conferences dedicated to significant issues in international arbitration. 

A Glossary of arbitration terms and abbreviations as well as a guide to the Do's and Don'ts in International Arbitration have also been published under the ASA Special Series. More

Swiss Guide to Legal Research in International Arbitration

By Dr Urs Weber-Stecher, Flavio Peter and Simon Hohler

In this guide, the reader finds not only details on how to locate the relevant legal authorities, but also some considerations on the specific characteristics of international arbitration and how these idiosyncrasies might influence the practitioners' approach towards the efficient conduct of legal research.

In a second step, the reader will be led through some of the most common "working tools" for practitioners, i.e. the forms, guides and legal authorities that are offered from various institutions and organizations and may be helpful when doing research in international arbitration.

In a third section specific information is compiled on legal research in international arbitration in Switzerland, referring to some of the most relevant legal authorities.

Position Papers

A selection of position papers on various issues related to international arbitration. More