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ASA General Meeting & Conference 2018, Bern

14 September 2018 - Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Arbitration

This conference will deal with the impact of blockchain technology and smart contracts on arbitration. The first part will explain the technical foundations of a blockchain. The second part of the conference will address the legal implications of smart contracts. The third part will explore the resolution of disputes using blockchain technology and will focus in particular on the current projects in this field.    
Below you may find the programme and registration form as well as some useful information in terms of accommodation.

Dreiländer-Konferenz arb aut LIS ASA 2018, Vienna

20 September 2018 - 21 September 2018 - Arbitration in Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Im Hinblick auf Rechtssprechungen in den drei Ländern AUT-LIE-CH, sind die Themen wie folgt:

Schiedsspruch angefochten -

Rechtliches Gehör im Detail -

Schiedsklausel und Dritte.

Die Konferenz schliesst mit einem Dinner Event.


Below you may find the program and registration details.





ASA Annual Conference 2019, Geneva

1 February 2019

ASA General Meeting & Conference 2019, Bern

13 September 2019