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ASA Webinars

ASA holds occasional webinars to provide practical tips for in-house counsel, lawyers, arbitrators and mediators active in the fields of international commercial dispute resolution and drafting of international contracts.

The ASA-SCAI Webinar Series, held in partnership with the Swiss Chambers Arbitration Institution, is held on a monthly basis.

Past webinars are accessible on ASA's YouTube Channel:

ASA SCAI Webinar 24 September 2020 - How to draft effective dispute resolution clauses, and how to solve issues when drafting was poor?

ASA SCAI Webinar 16 July 2020 - Ensuring Efficient Arbitral Proceedings in the COVID-19 Era: Insights from Seasoned Arbitrators

ASA SCAI Webinar 18 June 2020 - Virtual Hearings in International Arbitration: Key Challenges and Emerging Best Practices

ASA SCAI Webinar 14 May 2020 - Force Majeure in Supply Chains

ASA & SCAI International Dispute Resolution Webinar Series

10 December 2020 (13:00h) - Revision of the Swiss Private International Law Act on Arbitration – What’s new? What stays?

This webinar will focus on the recent revision of the Swiss International Arbitration Act (i.e. the 12th Chapter of the Swiss Private International Law Act) which will enter into force on 1st January 2021. While there are not many amendments to the current law, some of them are important for practitioners both within and outside Switzerland. A panel of three experienced arbitration experts will discuss the most relevant issues. Daniel Girsberger was involved in the draft revision as an expert advisor to the Swiss Federal Council which was in charge of drafting the legislation, and Philipp Habegger suggested important changes, among others as the then President of the Arbitration Court of SCAI. Alexandra Johnson will be the moderator. The succinct presentations will be followed by a Q&A session.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our virtual event on 10 December 2020


Speakers: Philipp Habegger, Habegger Arbitration, Zurich; Daniel Girsberger, Wenger & Vieli AG, Zurich; Alexandra Johnson, Bär & Karrer Ltd., Geneva
Place: This event is hosted as an interactive Webinar.
Time: 13.30 pm - 13.45 pm CET