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ASA Conferences

Among many other events, every year ASA organises two conferences: the full day ASA Annual Conference held in the greater Geneva or Zurich areas, usually in late January or early February and a half-day conference immediately following the ASA General Assembly, usually in September in Bern.

Next ASA Conferences

Past topics of the ASA Annual Conference (also published in the ASA Special Series):

2021Arbitration and Insolvency
2020Clear Path or Jungle in Commercial Arbitrator's Conflict of Interest?
2019Arbitration and Corruption
2018Expert Evidence: Conflicting Assumptions and How to Handle them in Arbitration
2017Shaping Arbitral Proceedings to Best Examine Quantum
2016Commercial Arbitration Involving States
2015The Arbitrators' Initiative: When,Why and How Should It Be Used?
201410 Years of Swiss Rules of International Arbitration
2013Inside the Black Box: How Arbitral Tribunals Operate and Reach their Decisions
2012Sports Arbitration: a Coach for other Players?
2011Arbitral Institutions under Scrutiny
2010Advocacy in International Commercial Arbitration
2009The Search for "Truth" in Arbitration. Is Finding the Truth what Dispute Resolution is About?
2008Performance as a Remedy: Non–Monetary Relief in International Arbitration
2007The Resolution of the Dispute - From the Hearing to the Award
2006Best Practices in International Arbitration
2005Arbitration of merger and acquisition disputes
2004The New Swiss Rules For International Arbitration
2003International Arbitration for Banking and Financial Disputes
2002Investment Treaties and Arbitration
2001Conflict of Interests in International Commercial Arbitration
2000Arbitral Tribunals or State Courts, who must defer to whom ?
1999The claims resolution process for dormant accounts in Switzerland
1998Sport-related Disputes and Arbitration
1997Costs and their Allocation
1996The New York Convention 1958
1995The WIPO Rules
1994The Arbitration Clause
1994Objective Arbitrability