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ASA - Swiss Arbitration Association

ASA is a non-profit association with over 1200 members - of whom a third are from outside Switzerland, all practitioners and academics engaged and/or interested in domestic and international arbitration.

Membership is open to all nationalities, irrespective of the level of experience. Since its creation in 1974 it has become one of the leading arbitration associations, bringing together the world's most eminent arbitration practitioners.

ASA is however not an arbitral institution and does not administer arbitral proceedings. 

ASA's Articles of Association are available here. The specifics of its governance are covered by its Organizational Rules provided below.

ASA may be designated as an appointing authority or requested to provide other services in support of arbitration or conciliation/mediation proceedings. The applicable process is provided in the regulations below.

Arbitration in Switzerland

Learn about arbitration in Switzerland and the specific advantages of arbitration in a country with a long-standing history of neutrality and judicial stability. More

ASA Local Groups

The ASA Local Groups in Basel, Bern/Neuchatel (Mittelland), Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano and Zurich meet informally two to five times a year. The debates are on various subjects of interest to those practicing arbitration. More

ASA Arbitration Practice Seminar

The seminar is designed for arbitrators, counsel, in-house lawyers, experts who wish to continue building on their  knowledge and practice. It follows a unique and proven interactive and comparative format applied every year since 1997, usually in January, in cooperation with other arbitration associations and institutions. More

ASA Conferences

Among many other events, ASA organizes every year two conferences: the full day ASA Annual Conference held in Basel, Geneva or Zurich, usually in late January or early February and a half-day conference immediately following the ASA General Assembly, usually in September in Bern. More

ASA Below 40

ASA’s young practitioners group aims at promoting the exchange of views and experiences among arbitration practitioners below the age of 40 in a friendly and informal way. The group meets one or twice a year. More

ASA Advocacy Prize

In 2010, ASA launched the ASA Prize for Advocacy in International Commercial Arbitration, which has been awarded twice since. More