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Dreiländer-Konferenz 2017

1 September 2017 - Schiedsverfahren in Österreich, Liechtenstein und der Schweiz, Zurich

Am 1. September findet die fünfte Dreiländerkonferenz der Schiedsvereinigungen Arb|Aut, ASA und LIS in Zürich, Schweiz statt.

Aus dem Blickwinkel der drei Jurisdiktionen werden folgende Themen beleuchtet:

  • Kriterien für Kostenersatz

  • Jüngere Aufhebungsentscheide und Rechtsentwicklungen

  • Einseitige Schiedsklauseln

    Die Konferenz beginnt am 31. August mit einem «Get together» und endet mit einem gemeinsamen Abendessen am 1. September 2017. 



Please find the programme with the registration link attached.


Asian-European M&A and Dispute Resolution Day

14 September 2017 - Corporate Acquisitions and Resulting Disputes

Please click here to access the dedicated event website.

Please note the special rate if you are also attending the ASA Annual Meeting and Conference the following day.

ASA General Meeting & Conference 2017, Bern

15 September 2017 - Multi-tier Dispute Resolution: Practical Issues – Practical Solutions

The conference will deal with multi-tier dispute resolution clauses, with a focus on practical aspects. The first part will be dedicated to the definition of multi-tier dispute resolution clauses, illustrated with a few examples. The second part of the conference will address the question of non-compliance and give an overview of the approach taken in a number of jurisdictions, including Switzerland, Germany, France, England, the US and Japan. The third panel will discuss the lessons learned on how to handle multi-tier dispute resolution clauses in practice, dealing with questions such as the situations in which their use is appropriate, how they should be drafted, and how non-compliance should be tackled. 


Please note that special package rates are available if you are also attending the Asian-European M&A and Dispute Resolution Day in Geneva the preceding day.

Diner-débat SSDI/ASA

2 October 2017 - Collaboration entre la Société suisse de droit international et l'ASA

Save the date, details to follow.

ASA Annual Conference 2018, Zurich

2 February 2018 - Expert Evidence: Conflicting Assumptions and How to Handle them in Arbitration

Save the date and check back here later on for further information.

ASA General Meeting & Conference 2018, Bern

14 September 2018

ASA Annual Conference 2019, Geneva

1 February 2019

ASA General Meeting & Conference 2019, Bern

13 September 2019