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ASA General Meeting & Conference 2017, Bern

15 September 2017 - Multi-tier Dispute Resolution: Practical Issues – Practical Solutions

The conference will deal with multi-tier dispute resolution clauses, with a focus on practical aspects. The first part will be dedicated to the definition of multi-tier dispute resolution clauses, illustrated with a few examples. The second part of the conference will address the question of non-compliance and give an overview of the approach taken in a number of jurisdictions, including Switzerland, Germany, France, England, the US and Japan. The third panel will discuss the lessons learned on how to handle multi-tier dispute resolution clauses in practice, dealing with questions such as the situations in which their use is appropriate, how they should be drafted, and how non-compliance should be tackled. 


Please note that special package rates are available if you are also attending the Asian-European M&A and Dispute Resolution Day in Geneva the preceding day.