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ASA Annual Conference 2017

3 February 2017 - Shaping Arbitral Proceedings to Best Examine Quantum, Geneva

Conference Topic

This conference will examine the interrelation between substantive legal issues relating to monetary relief and how arbitral tribunals can structure the proceedings to best deal with these issues efficiently. Experienced arbitration practitioners will seek in particular to identify the “typology” of claims so as to organise the arbitration constructively according to the issues and difficulties raised. Speakers will consider the purpose that the transfer of monies seeks to accomplish, and the impact of applicable law as well as that of the contract terms before examining in detail the issues raised by  (i) “but-for” claims (in which a party seeks to be put in the position it would have been absent the event triggering liability); (ii) recovery of actual expenses; and (iii) the determination of quantum where it depends on information that is only in the possession of the respondent (such as amounts of royalty payments in patent licensing arrangements). The perspectives of arbitrators, counsel and quantum experts will be explored.



Preferential rates are available for participants at the conference venue, the Hotel Président Wilson in Geneva. To benefit from the conference rates, please book through this link. Please be sure to book early to ensure availability.