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ASA Board issues regulation on role as appointing authority

16.02.2015 - Under its Articles of Association, ASA may act as appointing authority or may provide other support services in the context of arbitration proceedings

In light of ASA's ability to act as appointing authority or provide other support services in the context of arbitrations, the ASA Board recently saw fit to state how these services are delivered. This provides clarity to parties who have designated, or may decide to provide for, ASA to act in such a role. The scope of services includes acting as appointing authority further to a specific arbitration agreement and the appointment, removal or replacement of an arbitrator, mediator or concilator; the determination of the place of arbitration where the parties have not agreed and where their agreement calls for such determination, a review of the arrangement on the fees and expenses of arbitration tribunals, the appointment, remove or replacement of an expert appraiser, and assistance for the identification of potential tribunal-appointed experts. A fee schedule for various services is also included.

Please refer to the Regulation for details.

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